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  • Can I come to your home to see the kittens in person?
    We are a closed cattery, in other words we do not permit anyone to come to our home to view kittens. We do this for our family's safety, as well as the safety of our kittens, as crimes against breeders are on the rise. Additionally, kittens are very vunlerable and we have chosen not to risk them contracting an illness that someone is not aware is on their person. We understand that some potential buyers do not find this to be an ideal situation. If this is how you feel, we are not the breeder for you and that's perfectly fine. We also understand that there are many breeder scams, so we have done as much as we can to make our potential buyers feel comfortable, and to show that we are legitimate, professional breeders. If you decide we are not the breeders for you, review the rest of our FAQ to get an idea of the types of questions you should be asking breeders. Every legitimate breeder should have the answers (and/or proof) for these questions readlily available. Be safe!
  • If I can't come to your home, how will I see how my kitten develops?"
    Great question! As we don't allow viewing at our home for the safety of our human and feline family, we are very proactive about making sure our customers see every aspect of their chosen fur baby. We regularly update pics and videos on Facebook. Please take a moment to join us on Facebook!
  • How much do your kittens cost?
    The pricing for our kittens is as follows: Pet price starting at: $2000 Breeding rights: We vet breeding right inquiries on a case-by-case bases. However, in general, the cost for a kitten with breeding rights starts at: $3,000 If you are interested in breeding rights, we will have you start fill by filling out an application. We generally want to know that you are an experienced cat owner with the intent of becoming a responsible breeder. We also verify that inquirers have a licensed veterinarian that he or she uses regularly.
  • How much are deposits?
    Deposits are $519 ($500 + $19 in PayPal fees), which must be receive and cleared before we will reserve a your kitten of interest. PayPal is our preferred method of receiving deposits at this time. Please be aware that letting us know you want a certain kitten is not reserving that kitten. Again, kittens are not reserved until we receive your cleared deposit.
  • Can I purchase breeding rights?
    We do sell kittens with breeding rights, however, we have an approval process. If you are interested in breeding rights, you must fill out an application and the information on it must be verifiable. Please let us know if you are interested in breeding rights and we will send you the application. Prices for kittens with breeding rights start at $3,000
  • What forms of payment do you accept for the deposit and balance?
    For balances and deposits, we only accept PayPal and Zelle (electronic forms of payment). **Important - your balance must be received in full and cleared on our end before we release kittens to ground shippers or buyers. As such, we request that buyers make their balance payment in full no later than 1 full day (24 hours) before scheduled pick up.
  • What happens after I submit payment for my deposit?
    After you submit your deposit we will put a 'Reserved' status on your kitten. We will also begin sending you a weekly video clip, so that you can watch how your little one grows and become familiar with his (or her) personality.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    In an effort to eliminate buyers' remorse, deposits are refundable for 24 hours from the date that we receive your cleared deposit. After 24 hours, your deposit becomes non-refundable, but can be used as a deposit on a future kitten's purchase for up to 1 year
  • When does the balance have to be paid?
    We keep our kittens until 12 weeks of age, and will contact you as that date is approaching, so that you can make necessary arrangements . You balance must be paid in full and cleared on our end before we release your kitten. If you are using a ground shipper, we must receive your electronic balance no later than 2 days prior to the date your kitten is to be picked up.
  • Is the balance refundable?
    The balance is what is paid for the remaining amount owed for your kitten. Prior to pickup, we understand unforeseen things can happen which can suddenly prevent a buyer from being able to take ownership of their kitten. In these circumstances, the balance paid is refundable, but only prior to pick-up. Understand that in this case the deposit is still non-refundable, but we will refund 'the balance paid'. We will then make the kitten available again for another buyer. **After you take ownership, the balance is non-refundable, as you will then own the kitten.
  • Are your cats health tested?
    Yes! Our breeding cats have been DNA health tested through the Wisdom Health Panel, and found to be clear of 45 genetic conditions.
  • Do you give any garuntees or contracts?
    Yes! Our parents are genetically tested by Wisdom Health for HCM, SMA, Pk-def negative, PCR negative, and kittens come with a 1 year health guarantee against these, and Wisdom Health's other 40+ conditions. Click to learn more about Wisdom Health's Optimal Selection Feline testing.
  • Will my kitten come spade / neutered?
    We do not spay or neuter kittens, and expect our responsible owners to do this. This way owners get to be with their kittens for the surgery. Within our TICA registration account, kittens will have a block which prevents buyers from being able to legally breed their cat. If you later desire breeding rights, you will have to apply for and pay for breeding rights. We will then remove the block in TICA.
  • Will my kitten have had its shots?
    Your kitten will have received his or her 1st and 2nd vet check up and shot series, and will come to you with a clean bill of health.
  • When do kittens have to be picked up?
    Kittens must be picked up by their new owners at 12 weeks. We do not release kittens earlier than 12 weeks under any circumstances. Please understand that this is for the health and well being of our kittens. We will work with you to make arrangements for picking up your kitten. We expect kittens to be picked up on the day or during the week they turn 12 weeks of age. We will keep kittens for up to 2 weeks beyond that date for extenuating circumstances only. After 2 weeks the sale will be cancelled.
  • How do I pick up my kitten?
    Perspective owners can arrange to pick up their kittens themselves, or by ground transportation. We will meet either you or your transporter with your kitten at a neutral location. We do not advise having kittens flown, as it is a very stressful situation for them. If you are using a ground transporter, please do your reserch to make sure you are finding the most reputable ground shipper available. Be aware that this mode of transport is a risk. Some ground shippers transport many animals, and could have recently transported an animal that had an illess. If they didn't disenfect properly, your kitten could contract that illness. We will not be held responsible for any kitten who contracts an illness, gets injured, or dies during transportation after leaving our care and possession. Please understand that the moment your transporter has picked up your kitten, for us it is legally the same as you personally taking ownership of your kitten.
  • What items will come with my kitten?
    Your kitten will come with the following items: * Shot record * A freezer bag of dry food * 2 cans of wet food * Information packet
  • What am I responsible for after I take ownership of my kitten?
    Having a new kitten is exciting! It's also a huge responsibility. You are the new parent, and you have to give your little one everything he or she needs to be healthy and happy. Your responsibilities are: 1. Take your kitten to the vet within 48 hours of taking ownership. This is a must in order for us to honor our seller's guaruntee. This is for our protection, as well as yours! 2. Keep your kitten away from other animals and limited to 1 room for several days to allow yur kitten time to get aclimated to his or her new surroundings and your family. 3. Get your kitten his or her shots at each recommended age 4. Feed your kitten good food 5. Give your kitten plenty of love, hugs, and toys, and enjoy your new baby!
  • What food and items should I purchase before picking up my kitten?
    Information coming soon!
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